Fusion Futbol Club

Tournament Information

Check-In and Headquarters

All managers or coaches must check in at the tournament headquarters at the main venue HQ at least 1 Hour prior to the team's first scheduled game.


Copy of official roster

Medical Release Form for each player (must be on hand in case of emergency)

Player Passes (Birth Certificate must be available if a Recreation Team)

Tournament Rules

USSF Small Sided Adaptations

U9 and U10

  • No heading is allowed. (Indirect Free Kick for deliberately heading the ball)
  • No punting is allowed in these age groups. (Indirect Fee Kick for punting the ball)
  • The Build Out Line
  • Build Out Line Rules: On a goal kick all players for the opposing team need to be at behind the build out line before the kick is taken. Once the kick is taken the players from the opposing team can play. On a goal keeper save (through the run of play) the players on the opposing team, need to go behind the build out line to allow/permit the goalkeeper to play the ball wide to their teammates or play to himself before the opponent may make play on the ball. As soon as the ball is in play to teammate or self, the opponent is free to engage regardless of where they are. For example, if the GK chooses to restart quickly and the opponent has not made it back to the build out line they need not run all the way back. They may immediately engage the ball due to the quick restart of play. The Build Out line will be the offside start line not midfield


  • No heading is allowed. (Indirect Free Kick for deliberately heading the ball)

Sideline Behavior

ZERO tolerance policy for abuse of or towards the match officials. Current match official abuse is at an all-time high in our sport and we are tasked with policing and fixing it sooner than later.

Participating Teams

Approved and Pending Teams

Team Age Club
BFC 04 Boys Elte U-15 Brandon Futbol Club
EASA 10U U-10 (7v7) None
Freedom 05 Boys U-15 Homewood Soccer Club
Fusion 04 U-15 None
Fusion Oxford 07 U-12 (9v9) Fusion Futbol Club
Lady Ambassadors Gold 05 U-14 Briarwood Soccer Club
Lady Ambassadors Gold 06 U-13 Briarwood Soccer Club
Lady Fusion 06 U-13 Fusion Futbol Club
Lady Fusion 07 U-12 (9v9) Fusion Futbol Club